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During this course, you’ll learn about number, algebra, shape & space and handling data. You will be encouraged to problem-solve and to enjoy the beauty of maths.

You’ll be expected to adopt strong study skills and you’ll enjoy your progression as you’re able to understand increasingly more demanding mathematical reasoning.

Maths is a skill that’s developed through practice – so you can expect a variety of different approaches to help develop your problem-solving skills, as well as regular maths ‘clinics’ and access to specialist teachers.

You can expect lots of teamwork and to be solving problems alongside your peers – you’ll be expected to help others and to encourage your fellow classmates.

This subject is for you

Because you’ll learn that it’s acceptable to fail as often as you succeed. You’ll learn to be independent and develop resilience in the way you work on your prep. You’ll discover the thrill of success when you master a problem.


  • 100% exam

Exam Board

  • Pearson