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Art & Design: Photography

During this GCSE, you will learn about the rules of composition and when to break them. You will learn to operate your camera confidently and control it in order to capture the image you want, rather than working in auto and letting the camera decide. You’ll learn the effects of light on a  photograph and how it makes a difference to the outcome of a shot.

You will work in our spacious studio, but also take your work outdoors – visiting urban and rural locations to create original artwork of your own in response to historical and contemporary artists. Your work will be personal and meaningful, developing themes such as structures, animals and movement in your coursework projects. 

Y10 projects are more prescriptive in nature, however, as you move into Y11, you will be expected to write your own briefs, to select artists to respond to and work more independently.

The Art School is open to all Art students during lunchtimes, priority sessions and until 8.30pm on a Thursday night each week. Every half-term there is a life class you’ll be encouraged to attend. There is an expectation that Art students will spend at least two hours beyond taught lessons each week developing their work. Drawing is an essential part of all Art courses, as well as the ability to analyse the work of others, expressing your thoughts and opinions clearly in written form as well as visually. 

This subject is for you

If you don’t mind working hard. You’re creative and comfortable working independently. In Art, there is no such thing as right and wrong – so you’ll enjoy exploring ideas, learning to be selective and creating displays of your own work in mini pop-up exhibitions. 


  • 60% coursework
  • 40% exam - a ten-week preparation period followed by a 10-hour exam over two days.

Exam Board

  • AQA 2 Years