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Our Psychology GCSE is made up of two components over two years. In the first component we research criminal psychology, developmental psychology and psychological problems; in the second, we look into social influence, memory, sleep and dreaming. 

Through these topics, we delve into the many facets of Psychology, developing an understanding of human behaviour from cognitive perspectives (understanding thought and mental processes), social perspectives (the impact of society and the environment on human behaviour) and biological perspectives (considering brain structure and genetics).

We also focus heavily on research methods uses by Psychologists, critically assessing the science that underpins research into human behaviour.

Psychology is a subject which complements most other GCSE choices and which can lead to professions in a broad variety of sectors; from education and sport to forensics and health.

This subject is for you

You are interested in learning about human behaviour and the principles that underpin it . You’ll have an inquisitive mind that will question the scientific nature of human research.


  • 100% exam 

Exam Board

  • OCR