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  • A level (AQA)
  • 2 years

During this course, you will learn fundamental theory and mathematical methods to help you understand the changes that take place in chemical reactions. Chemistry is a practical subject, so your learning will be enhanced with lab work and demonstrations.

You can expect to learn about important aspects of physical, organic and inorganic chemistry, including an essential knowledge of complex chemical concepts and theory. Your understanding will enable you to link this theory to modern-day developments and innovations – and to appreciate the role and importance of chemistry to our society, including its many spheres of influence within everyday life.

Because chemical reactions lie at the heart of how living systems function, an A level in Chemistry is essential for reading Medicine, Veterinary Science and other related degrees.

With impressive facilities and experienced teaching staff, our students go on to study at some of the finest universities in the world.

This subject is for you:
if you enjoy academic rigour and logical structure, and solving problems of a mathematical nature. You’ll appreciate practical work and will be excited to apply your knowledge in new situations.

100% exam