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With a significant number of French-speaking countries across the globe, learning to communicate fluently in French can open up a number of career opportunities, as well as giving you the chance to explore this wonderful culture in detail. During this course, you’ll learn to communicate points of view at a competent level.

You will gain an appreciation for the cultural aspects of the countries where French is spoken, both in Europe and in the wider world - essential to understanding how certain issues are important in the lives of those living there.

You will also acquire a broad range of vocabulary and refine your knowledge and use of grammatical structures.

You will take an active part in lessons, listening carefully, contributing to discussion and fulfilling projects in a small group environment.

This subject is for you: if you enjoy challenge, variety and communication. You will have an aptitude for problem-solving and analysis, and you’ll thrive on working independently and discovering new things - as well as connecting with other people and cultures.


100% exam – three papers are taken at the end of Year 2

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