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Spanish is the third most commonly spoken language across the world – so mastering this subject will give you greater geographical flexibility, as well as helping unlock a variety of career opportunities.

During this course, you’ll learn to recognise and appreciate the importance of speaking a foreign language. You’ll become proficient at communicating your points of view to a competent level, as well as gaining a deep understanding of Spanish culture and its influences on the rest of the world.

You will also explore modern and traditional Spanish values, regional identity and cultural heritage. You will look at the impact of immigration and discuss issues such as racism and integration.

This subject is an excellent foundation for going on to study a language at university – whether as a standalone degree or combined with another subject, such as law or business. Being able to speak a second language also sets you apart from your peers when it comes to your future employment.

This subject is for you: if you enjoy challenge, variety and communication. You will have mental agility, great problem-solving skills and will be excited by discovering new cultures and their influences on the world.


100% exam –three papers are taken at the end of Yr 2

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