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  • A level (OCR)
  • 2 years

Geography is an engaging subject, helping you discover and understand the way in which our world is constantly changing. You will explore exciting themes, such as the way shifting economic flows give rise to change in an area, the way humans impact on natural environments, together with issues affecting the carbon cycle and the implications for human life.

You will use your enquiry skills to research real-world examples, and complete an independent investigation on a geographical area that has meaning, relevance and interest to you. Using a range of media, such as textbooks, digital maps, television and news articles, you will bring to life the concepts you’ve learned in class. 

As well as classroom-based learning through activities, lectures and seminars, there are also several opportunities for field study trips, including at least one overseas.
This subject marries the physical and social sciences, and so leads to ways of seeing and thinking that makes geographers highly employable.

This subject is for you: 
if you enjoy learning about the world around you and investigating why it changes. You will have an aptitude for independent study and research, and will be excited by urban change and how the landscape around you is formed.

20% coursework
80% exam