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History is a fascinating subject, enabling us to explore the change and consequences of key historical actions and activities. This helps us to understand current world affairs – especially related to culture, politics, and its impact on society.

History is a study of the human experience – developing your curiosity, self-discipline and communication skills, and during this course you’ll develop informed opinions about the motivation of those who have made ‘history’ and of those who write it – including an ability to understand and analyse a number of sources to reach your conclusions.

You will study a variety of different historical periods, including Germany during the period 1789- 1963, the ups-and-downs of the career of ‘The Greatest Briton’ - Winston Churchill, and the changing political landscape of the UK between 1951 and 1997.

You’ll debate and discuss, challenge and be challenged - read, reflect and write, and have the opportunity to visit relevant historic sites, as well as be exposed to leading academics.

You will be expected to increasingly drive your own lessons, through prior preparation, as well as to take an active part in discussions, produce presentations, forensically examine sources - and develop powers of written expression through extended writing.

This subject is for you: if you enjoy British and European history and politics and how history affects, and is affected by - both ‘important’ and ‘ordinary’ people; exploring how societies, people and cultures change over time. You will have an aptitude for expressing and articulating your opinions, both verbally and in writing - as well as analysing evidence.


20% coursework

80% exam 

Subject Level Year Group Exam Board