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Classical Civilisation

  • A level (OCR)
  • 2 years

Classical Civilisation is the study of the history, archaeology and literature of two of the most fascinating cultures of the western world: Ancient Greece and Rome.

This course spans eight hundred years of classical culture, from the overthrow of the tall towers of Troy by the cunning of Odysseus to the fields of Mars in Rome where Augustus built himself a mausoleum that stands there today. You will study some of the foundational texts of western civilization, written by poets who have had their words sung through the centuries. You will look at how Sappho, Plato, and Ovid had different views about the importance of love and lust in relationships - ideas which resonate through to the present day’s concerns about how to manage one’s love-life - and you will see how the great Roman statesman Augustus built an empire from the ruins of a republic.

Classical Civilisation combines well with many different subjects from Theatre Studies, History and English Literature to Mathematics and Languages. Students who study Classical Civilisation can progress to university to study degrees including Classical Civilisation, Ancient History, Law and Archaeology.

This subject is for you:
if you enjoy reading, history, politics, art and archaeology. You will have an aptitude for essay-writing and will enjoy debate. You’ll also be excited by culture and the human experience. Cambridge University ranks its Classicists as amongst their most employable arts graduates – offering advanced transferable skills in languages, analytical thinking, essay-writing, visual analysis, critical sensitivity and source analysis.

100% exam