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This course is a fascinating exploration of the mind and behaviour. We will study the everyday and yet remarkable functioning of the human brain and consider what happens when the processes that we take for granted malfunction, for example the effects of dementia on memory or the neurochemical imbalances in the schizophrenic brain.

The first year of the course covers many aspects of psychology, including social, cognitive, clinical and criminal, as well as a variety of learning approaches which give a broad understanding of the theories and research studies that underpin the subject. This is a subject with diverse approaches and you can expect to visit a variety of themes - including the functioning of PET scanners, calculating a Mann-Whitney statistical test and even considering whether you could ever be persuaded to electrocute a complete stranger!

As well as classroom-based lessons, group activities, and educational visits – you will also undertake independent research for which you will devise and conduct experiments, questionnaires or observations, apply the correct statistical analyses and draw logical conclusions in relation to your findings.

This subject is for you: if you enjoy learning about people: investigating what motivates individuals to act as they do, and using scientific methods to test your ideas. If you plan a career that involves working with others, from Medicine to Marketing, then Psychology is a positive step for you.


100% exam – 3 papers at the end of Yr 2

Subject Level Year Group Exam Board
Psychology GCE UVI Pearson