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St. Alban

At St. Alban House, you can expect a strong sense of friendship and loyalty, members of the House support each other, congratulate success and challenge poor behaviour. 

Sportsmanship and teamwork are encouraged, as each House is entered into inter-House competitions.

“St Alban House to me is like my school family. We stay together as a team if we lose and even more so if we win. We don’t always get the most points but we always try our hardest to do better the following week. All for one and one for all!

Jack, year 3

St. Alban House Staff 

House Leader – Dan Simpson

Miss Hughes

Mrs Harper

Mrs Fowler

Mrs Dodd



St. Alban was the first martyr of England. During a persecution of Christians, Alban, though a pagan, hid a priest in his house. The priest made such a great impression on him that Alban became a Christian himself.  In the meantime, the governor had been told that the priest was hiding in Alban's house, and he sent his soldiers to capture him. But Alban changed clothes with his guest and gave himself up in his stead. The judge was furious when he found out that the priest had escaped and he said to Alban, "You shall get the punishment he was to get unless you worship the gods." The Saint answered that he would never worship those false gods again. Since he was getting nowhere, the judge had Alban whipped. Then he commanded him to be beheaded. On the way to the place of execution, the soldier who was to kill the Saint was converted himself, and he too became a martyr.