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St. Benedict

At St Benedict House, you can expect to be fully supported pastorally and academically.

All students are placed in 'Buddy Groups' - the groups are made up of pupils from different year groups. The Year 6 students are Buddy Group Leaders, and help and support their younger peers.  

All pupils are encouraged collectively to strive to be the best House in the school.

House motto:

“Good, better, best, never let it rest, until our best is better and when our better's best!”

At each House meeting, the House's achievements are celebrated, House scores are discussed and totals for Industry, Conduct and Effort are looked at. The House also helps to contribute to the school through a rota of House service.

Staff at St. Benedict House 

House Leader – Nicola Wing

Mrs Stirling-Wood

Miss Harvey

Mrs Payne


St. Benedict was born at Norcia in Umbria, Italy and he and his monks greatly helped the people of their times. They taught them how to read and write, how to farm, and how to work at different trades. St. Benedict was able to do good because he prayed all the time. He could read minds, could tell the future and drive out demons. He destroyed many pagan statues and altars where they worshiped the false gods. He died on March 21, 547 and subsequently the Pope proclaimed him the Patron of Europe.